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Who is matt smith dating 2016

That season resulted in a Super Bowl victory for the Saints, so while Brees throwing the ball all over the field might be the most vivid memory of his time in New Orleans, Sean Payton clearly wants to run the ball when he can.

There's no doubt the Saints can do that with plenty of success with Ingram and Kamara, but they've also been able to do so because their defense is playing at a high level.

Even before his monster Week 10 performance, Woods led the team in targets, receptions and yards.

He had a jump on Kupp (drafted in April) and Watkins (acquired via trade in August), so with a revamped receiving corps for Jared Goff in a new-look offense, there was more time for the young QB to find a rapport with Woods. Meter on Woods remaining the top target for the Rams: 2/10When Ezekiel Elliott was suspended (again) before Week 10, the assumption that Alfred Morris would lead the way obviously meant a downgrade for Dallas' rushing attack.

In Week 10, the Saints showed their strongest commitment to the run in a 47-10 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Ingram ran 21 times for 131 yards and three TDs while Kamara had 12 carries for 106 yards and a TD. Because the Saints had so much success running the football, Drew Brees attempted just 25 passes with 18 completions for 184 yards.

Through 10 weeks, the New Orleans Saints have produced two top-12 RBs in Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram.

Both are trending towards top-10 finishes for the season, but is that actually possible?

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Even though Ingram has just one reception for two yards on one target in the last two weeks, he still has 31 receptions for 192 yards on 39 targets this season.

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