Updating logitech harmony remote

Posted by / 09-Nov-2017 11:14

Logitech says that the new software can be used with the Harmony Ultimate, the Harmony Smart Control, and the Harmony Smart Keyboard.

Once updated, any of those devices could be used to control your smart home.

Problems with Logitech Harmony remotes can include the home-entertainment device not recognizing the remote, and the computer not recognizing the remote.

Issues like these can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

i OS and Android apps are also available to control various Harmony hub functions, and the app IFTTT can used to trigger adjustments with just one tap.

If you’re already invested into the Harmony lineup, this update should come in handy.

The update will also give users the ability to schedule start and stop times for Activities.Their website has all the logic on what codes work with what remotes and what hardware, etc.The software just takes the binary blobs that the website makes and writes it to the remote control.This is true for both Logitech's software and this software.However, this software has some extra functionality such as being able to dump (backup) your existing config, being cross-platform, and giving you extra visibility into what's actually happening with your remote.

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Amazon has now expanded the options available to developers of smart home Alexa skills, so it’s now possible to control more than just the power state of a device without having to say “Alexa, ask [skill name]…” before every command.