Updating asa software

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Updating asa software

Use the navigation on the left or the preview to add/edit your business Profile Page information. It’s important that your customers can quickly and easily see who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart from your competitors, so try to use the words and phrases that potential customers will use when searching for a business like yours as you fill this out.All information in your Profile Pages will be used to match what you do with what customers are looking for within Yell and all major search engines. Many businesses use this section to throw a spotlight on a special offer or promotion.Click the small box beside the ones you’d like to select [1], and then click ‘Edit selected adverts’ [2]. This button will only appear once you've confirmed your Yell order, and we've processed it.The top bar will show the order number and order lines of the ads you’re now editing.You can easily set yourself open 24hrs or closed by clicking the links below each days slider and if your open the same times most days its easy to duplicate a days time across the week by clicking repeat all week.

Adding this depth of rich information about you business in your Profile Page will help Yell and search engines match your business offering with exactly what customers are looking for.You want to promote your business so tell people what you do and the services you offer.If you're running a promotion, you should mention that too, but don't forget to keep it up to date.You can edit, reorder or delete the bullets - just roll over them and click on the pencil/edit button or double-click on the text. All you need to do is drag the start and end sliders to the correct times.Up to 40 different products and services can be displayed. If you happen to be closed at any point in the day simply click "Add break" and a set of sliders will appear inbetween allowing you to set your closed period.

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Use the links on the left [4] to select the content you'd like to amend. We’ll then confirm your changes back to you so that you can see the original content [6], what it’s changing to [7], and the ads that are affected [8].

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