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However Digest Authentication does have some other configuration requirements, such as the use of reversible encryption for password storage in Active Directory.

These may make it an undesirable option for many organiztions.

To begin with, Microsoft Outlook gives you incredible capabilities, and one of these is your delegate access. To make it easy, it’s like having someone to create and manage your meetings, on your behalf.

This person, who does it, is called as a delegate, meaning, you are delegating your tasks.

Now when you have someone, to do that, you got to set the level of privileges as well for it, which you accomplish by the below levels.

Now when you assign some delegate as an Editor, you are giving him/her, the privileges of creating meeting requests, sending meeting requests, editing and deleting meeting requests as well.

There are four authentication methods available for Exchange Server 2010 OWA.However Integrated Authentication is not suitable for remote access by people using non-domain member computers, or people who are connecting via proxy servers.Basic Authentication – this uses the HTTP protocol to send the logon credentials to the server.Paul is a co-author of Office 365 for IT Pros and several other books, and is also a Pluralsight author.Microsoft Outlook is undeniably the best feature rich application blending your online and offline transitions perfectly with its proficient capabilities on all your emails, contacts, calendar and meetings.

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