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Radiometric dating artifact top commentators closed

The crucial problem with these methods, in accordance to the invalid assumptions, is the fact that Uranium minerals NEVER exist in a closed system, only and always in open systems.

Their reliability is commented on by Henry Faul: "Uranium and lead both migrate (in shales) in geologic time, and detailed analyses have shown that useful ages cannot be obtained with them.

Found in igneous and sedimentary rocks, Potassium 40 minerals decay along the lines of "electron-capture" (the capture of an orbital electron by the nucleus).

The Uranium method is actually a compilation of a many methods.

The function of this method is based on a chain of decay from Uranium and its sister element Thorium, into Lead and Helium. The positively charged atoms of helium gas, otherwise known as alpha particles, escape the nuclei of the parent atoms at rates which have been shown to be statistically constant.

This is all seemingly fine until you evaluate the assumptions that this system is built upon.

In order for the radiometric dating system to be accurate, the system would: a.) Need to be a closed system. That is, that the process was not or is not affected by any outside or inside influences. Since the establishment of the system, the decay or process rate has remained stable and unchanged.

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