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Polyamory married and dating episode 1

During orgasm, oxytocin levels rise three to five-fold for men.

Oxytocin, released during lovemaking increases fertility and the likelihood of conception.

Set a fine, elegant table with linen, tablecloth and nice china. Envision the chakras and imagine energy moving from the base up the crown. Bring yourself to the height of orgasm then purposely pull back the energy and stop the orgasm. Men, stimulate your lingam till you almost ejaculate. Visualize bringing energy up through all your chakras, out your crown and pull energy back through your base. like the song says, "Young and beautiful, someday your looks will be gone". Are you sufficiently healed from your childhood traumas and other relationships in order to fully appreciate your soul mate when they arrive and treat them with the love and respect they deserve?

Transform your room into a love temple with candles, incense, attractive art and cloth, music, aphrodisiacs and sacraments of your choice. Dedicate this lovemaking to yourself, to your personal healing and growth. See the kundalini energy coiled in your coccyx, like a snake at the bottom of a basket waiting for the lid to be removed. Youre teaching yourself about your body and how it responds, what it likes. Notice when you are about to go over the edge then dont go there. Will you love your soul mate at all stages of their life? Many times we find our soul mates only to lose them because were running the same dysfunctional number we did with other lovers, friends and family.

A Tantric Date With Yourself Reserve time on your calendar for a date with yourself. In order to be ready for your soul mate you must be open to recognizing her or him when they show up.

Look forward to that day to be alone with yourself as you would a date with another. Sometimes they may not look or act the way you imagined them to be.

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