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Playboy webcams

And when it comes to technology, Playboy is already outstripped by online providers in the same …er, genre.

After all, pornography is already one of the biggest businesses on the net.

Playboy is hoping to grab some of the 3D frenzy to help bolster its declining sales.

No matter how lovely the centerfold model Hope Dworaczyk may be, I doubt 3D nudity can save print media, but it’s an important sign for the technology that Playboy is trying it.

, 1964, was one of the earliest wide-circulation publications of Rand’s explanation of her philosophy.

And although the intervening 53 years have not been kind to either the interpretation or context of this interview, it’s occurance appears prophetic.

The effort to preserve the Sign brought together an odd mix of celebrity sponsors: Glam-rocker Alice Cooper ‘bought’ an “O” (in honor of Groucho Marx), while singing cowboy Gene Autry sponsored an “L” and Andy Williams sponsored the “W.” Thanks to the help of these and other donors, the Sign was poised for its overhaul.

The old Sign was scrapped in August ’78, and yes, for three lonely months Hollywood had no Sign.

Now, HBO is footing some of the bill as the glasses will advertise for their True Blood series.

In short, Hollywood was moving forward, in part by wisely reinvesting in the monuments of its past.

Beer.” Playboy magazine published a map that shows each state’s favorite beer.

Ten years later, part of the Egyptian was restored to its glory.

The Roosevelt Hotel and Pantages Theater all received well-deserved makeovers during the last decades of the millennium.

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Most of the beers across the US were made from major brewers, but were not the typical beer.

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