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This is the phenomenon known as the immigrant paradox.The student also included mention of the immigrant paradox among refugee populations, where refugees are “at least three times less likely to engage in substance use than non-immigrants.” Since this student expanded the article, adding 50,967 characters, it has been viewed 14,702 times.The United States is unique in that much of current refugee policy stems from post-WWII settlement of Indochinese refugees. At the basis of refugee law is the commitment to human rights worldwide.This sudden influx brought about the Refugee Act of 1980, which lays out specific qualifications for being considered a refugee in the U. Refugee law assumes that all individuals have a right to “freedom from torture or degrading treatment” ; “freedom of opinion and expression” ; “freedom of thought, conscience, and religion” ; “life, liberty, and security” ; and “freedom from discrimination.” Other students in the course expanded the refugee article on Wikipedia by 19,552 characters, or approximately 9,750 words. Another student in Jennie Burnet’s course expanded the article on sanctuary cities.This weekly OSM was produced by Nakaner, Polyglot, SK53, Tordanik, Yo Viajo, der Fred, jinalfoflia.anipulative people have always made use of the dynamics of ingroups and outgroups to create diversions from bigger issues.

But they often have better health and educational attainment, and are less likely to commit crime than non–immigrants, second–generation immigrants, and even older, established first–generation immigrants.In the last couple months, I put together an exploration of different practices that GLAM’s are using enrich their collection systems, which store records about the objects in their collections.These technical innovations help make institutional collections rich, more dynamic and better connected with not only Wikimedia content but collections and research throughout the world.Students’ work has a huge audience and tremendous impact with a Wikipedia assignment.If you are interested in teaching with Wikipedia or learning more, visit teach.or reach out to us at [email protected]

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Wikisourcers waved their magic on several of his books and the result is a superior output for for instance "Esperienze intorno alla generazione degl'insetti".

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