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Ms project updating progress

One way of recording progress is to record the actual start and finish dates.

There is no set formula for how to update project progress.The method that you choose depends upon the nature of the work being performed and your organization’s reporting requirements.In order to track their progress and forecast the remaining timeline, work effort, and costs for the project, Microsoft Project offers three progress tracking methods: Regardless of the selected progress tracking method, however, you will still need to manually mark project milestones as completed within Microsoft Project by using the ‘Percent Complete’ method and entering ‘100%’.Although you may be recording progress on the day you collated the information you’re using, it’s often the case that the recording of progress lags behind the collation.For example, staff may complete timesheets at the end of a working week (Friday) and then you enter the information on the following Monday.

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Throughout the controlling phase of a project, the Project Manager gathers progress information from the project team to reflect the overall progress of the project as well as to forecast the estimated time, work effort, and cost required to finish the project.

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