Free unmonitored video chatting

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Free unmonitored video chatting

The Galaxy S8 comes with 64GB of storage on all US models, so there’s plenty of room to store your apps, games, and media.This wont always be the case — especially with the ability to record 4K UHD video — so you may want to consider expanding your storage using a micro SD card.

Just hold down the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time.

Continue holding them down for about 8 or so seconds until the display turns off and the phone vibrates and the the Samsung Galaxy S8 start up screen appears.

At that point you can let go and the phone will boot up normally.

The Galaxy S8 features a few presets to choose from: Adaptive display, AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo, and Basic.

Switching between the modes will lower color saturation, slightly adjust the contrast, and warms up the display considerably.

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This can make pulling the notification bar or tapping on UI elements difficult to do with one hand.

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