Evangeline lily and dominic monaghan dating

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Evangeline lily and dominic monaghan dating

12 Lilly recently reflected, "Ever since high school I had done things so people wouldn't just respect me because of the way I looked. I'm going to pursue mediocrity, and I'm going to be so happy." 13 She went to her first speaking part auditions in January 2004 and by March 2004 she was making the pilot for Lost. He immediately proclaimed her to be both beautiful and goofy — exactly the girl he wanted. 16 But the greater difficulty with her overnight success, it seems, was balancing her moral principles with the world of Hollywood.

15 When asked a year later how it felt to have landed the role, Lilly replied, "I love it. And although Lilly refuses to talk about any aspect of her love life, British tabloids reported that around the time she left Canada for the Hawaiian set of Lost, she split up with the man she'd married the year before.

She can swear like a sailor and dress provocatively, but that doesn't reflect her beliefs.

She's a walking oxymoron." (Bryan Burk, a Lost executive producer 24) "Over and over again, I've been called a walking oxymoron.

Lilly recently reflected, "I think there's a part of everyone that's intrigued by the thought of being recognised." 4 Although she enjoyed acting, Lilly had no interest in modeling or being a celebrity.

Always interested in humanitarian work, Lilly studied international relations at the University of British Columbia.

17 She said in an interview at the time, "I'm doing everything in my power just to continue to tick along as a normal girl.

And fighting the weird, surreal insanity of what my life has become in just a single year." 18 But the drastic change in Lilly's life finally came crashing down at the end of Season One, when she called her parents in a full meltdown.

Puberty came relatively late — at 16 — but virtually overnight.

The talkative pilot was only interupted once by Lilly: when he declared, "Youth is wasted on the young," she countered, "It's not wasted on me." 20 Evangeline Lilly has not often discussed her religious beliefs in interviews — perhaps because she has not been asked.

Generally, though, both Lilly herself and her colleagues refer to her as a Christian and a Lost producer reports that she carries a Bible with her at all times.

Suddenly the freckle-faced, buck-toothed tomboy had become a beautiful, curvy woman.

Her male playmates looked at her differently and her former girlfriends hated her. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep wishing I was ugly because of the way men leered and disrespected me, because they assumed things about my mental capacity or my physical willingness based on the way I look.

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