Dating old coffee pots

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Dating old coffee pots

"All chemicals being used to control or deter animals are classed as pesticides in the UK and EU, and must be registered and approved for this purpose by our own government and the EU.

Legislation requires potential pesticides to be extensively tested for effectiveness, environmental safety, operator safety and safety of breakdown products before they can be sold and used,” he said.

Filled with tapestries, hookahs and ceramic tagines, the centuries-old markets of Marrakech have long been the global destination for chefs seeking specialty spices, grains and flavorful meats.

The birthplace of the now-ubiquitous hawker centers, Singapore remains one of the world's most fascinating food destinations.

Here, you'll find a pan-Asian influence with Chinese, Indian and Malay flavors.

Two top locations are the South Melbourne Market and Queen Victoria Market, home to dozens of specialty grocers and takeaway restaurants serving everything from Teppanyaki-grilled seafood and paella to Sicilian doughnuts and Dutch pancakes.

It's the land of cheese, wine and discerning Michelin inspectors, but there's nothing quite like a fresh crêpe piled with melted Gruyère cheese and ham.

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