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Dating aquarius woman

This sets her apart, as a true free thinking woman, which can be intimidating to some.She'll be impressed if you and bring stimulating ideas to the table.

She loves a challenge, and can be a maddening debater.

This air sign is like the sky - her eyes are just as cerulean (or far-away), and her mind is just as wide. Her mind is often set to "Roam," where she comes and goes, bringing back the unexpected.

Aquarius is love is loyal, but reaks away when she feels claustrophobic.

The flip side of this is being stubbornly wed to a line of thinking.

And yet, there's some unpredictability with Aquarians that makes for surprise plot twists. If you're in sync with that kind of zig zaggy engagement with life, you'll be able to ride the waves of the Waterbearer. Wear something that has a wild story to go along with it, or makes you stand out.

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She'll warm to you, if you accept her own quirks, and give her the space she needs to truly be free.