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Cano, who was aged 13 at the time of the incident, allegedly used a large knife to kill his mother right before bedtime.A contractor who entered the property to carry out repair work first discovered Cano hiding in a crawlspace under the house with blood dripping through the floorboards above him.The letter, which she posted on Facebook, said: 'Can the parent responsibly (sic) for the screechy, screaming child, who screams continually while it is playing outside be advised that the rest of the residents in Fishers Road are sick to death of hearing your child scream continuously.'It gets on everyone's nerves and there is no need of it (sic).

Please take this as it is intended and act before we have to report you to Tenant Services and Social Services.

Addressed 'Dear Neighbour', it said the people living in Mrs Green's street were 'sick to death' of hearing 'it playing outside'.

The mother-of-two, who is a full-time carer for Henry, described it as 'revolting' and said it left her 'angry and concerned'.

Solicitor Walt Wilkins said that severity of the crime was a major factor for the case to be transferred to General Sessions Court.

The maximum sentence for a murder conviction if Cano was tried as a juvenile would be imprisonment until age 21.

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Although often done unknowingly- hence the article title- these habits have the potential to do harm.

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