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If you want to see some truly outstanding work, I encourage you to visit their pages above. I was trying to keep it trimmed a bit so 'page-one' contains a fair representation of all posters, but I decided to stop.I MAY take out the Nickleback songs if they are not my two favourites, (Trisha, you BRAT.If you want to see what some of the MOST gorgeous humans on the planet have to say, (Yes, men AND women... (Yes, us Canadians actually misuse plurals like that, and think it's funny to try being colloquial, as well as opening our sentences with prepositions...

Being the big dog in the room by overtipping is a fools errand - let the buyer beware. Save your money for the hardworking new girls - they need and appreciate it more.Example: Tricia Fox - a pro - at removing your money (others like her).Games, raffles, cards, keno, tchotchkes, pole dances (sort of) gimmicks galore to spend your tokens for... She'll give you a smile, maybe a brief flash and her assurances she wants you to keep visiting and thinks you're special.In other words, they're like any other internet chat rooms.Pro Tip: Don't tip the pros, only tip the newbies.

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And no, there's no such thing as Snapchat forever or for life.