Black cam chat server 2016 dns timestamp not updating

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Black cam chat

After successfully downloading the set up, right click on it and open it to start installation process. Solution: This is the most common problem especially when are using the video calling feature for the first time.

You will be excited and think that you will start video chatting with your friend immediately.

To uninstall it, go to start, control panel, programs, uninstall program and then click and uninstall the setup.

You must have a webcam installed at your laptop or use an external webcam ideal for laptops or desktops.

In a nutshell, Facebook video chatting comes with many problems and the only way out is to identify your problem and troubleshoot it in order to solve it.

I will therefore go straight into indentifying these common Facebook video chat problems and providing possible troubleshooting solution.

That is not the case when you don’t have a Facebook video calling plugin or you have issues with your webcam.

Make sure that you computer is installed with a Facebook’s video calling plugin and also your webcam is installed and configured properly.

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Solution: If your call is being broken or disconnected every time you make call or you answer an incoming call from a friend, the first thing to do is to check your internet connection.

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