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Use stories that illustrate your most attractive qualities, don’t just tell her you have them.But you can’t brag about yourself too much, because that’s been proven to be a major turn off.

Then you’ve got to remember the “Show, Don’t Tell” rule, which is exactly what it sounds like.

There are three types of headlines that work best: the intriguing one, the adventurous one, and the funny one.

Here is an example of each: You want something short and sweet that makes her want to know you better.

Most guys on POF don’t put too much effort into their headline: Think about what kind of message a headline like “I’ll come back to this” or “??? An effective headline will make her stop and think for a moment, which has the added bonus of increasing the amount of time she’s exposed to your photo.

Data shows the longer she looks at your photo, the higher the chances she’ll like you.

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Other studies have shown women are attracted to usernames that make you seem intelligent and cultured, or imply a fun-loving personality.