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As a result, the opening single quotation mark character of the rogue input results in the following statement.Note The semicolon is not necessarily required to separate SQL statements.Type-safe SQL parameters can also be used with dynamic SQL. The problem is more severe if your application uses an over-privileged account to connect to the database.

In situations where parameterized SQL cannot be used and you are forced to use dynamic SQL instead, you need to safeguard against input characters that have special meaning to SQL Server (such as the single quote character).

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This How To shows a number of ways to help protect your ASP. SQL injection can occur when an application uses input to construct dynamic SQL statements or when it uses stored procedures to connect to the database.

This is dependent on vendor or implementation, but Microsoft SQL Server does not require them.

For example, SQL Server parses the following as two separate statements: Finally, the -- (double dash) sequence of characters is a SQL comment that tells SQL to ignore the rest of the text.

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In this case, the @au_id parameter is treated as a literal value and not as executable code.