Adult chat request from

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Adult chat request from

They know that rule and they know we're serious about it.Once you've logged in, you'll want to head to their main profile page (the icon on the bottom right that looks like a driver's license).The service also allows users to upload 3-15 second videos in the same manner.You download the app and install it on your device.A few months ago, I saw many of my hometown friends sharing an article about my old high school.It seems they had a fight club going on – complete with an official Insta account which posted videos and pictures of the fights.

Because the truth is that while everyone under the age of 18 has never known a world without internet or cell phones, most parents have a hard time keeping up.

I actually know the child – the gorgeous, sweet, intelligent and kind child – in this photo and she attends the same school as my daughter.

The vile comment posted on her picture was posted from an anonymous account with the name “[juniorhighname]hatepage”.

We've set the rules and they're confident we know how to find out if they've broken them. For not only the protection of your child, but also in regards to monitoring that your child is behaving in a way that they wouldn't want to hide from you.

We've setup their accounts and know how to keep them as secure as we possibly can. We can't simply accept our ignorance of the tools our children are using to communicate with one another – while everyone is listening.

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On that screen, you will see a box that says “Edit Your Profile”).

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